The Search for the SRG Voice

Good Day!

Our parish will be participating in SEARCH FOR THE SRG VOICE: SINGING FOR THE MISSION. It was designated to create an environment where music will become an avenue to promote awareness to the community about your cause and support its funding goals.

In line with this, San Pablo Apostol Parish - Tondo will be having its own way of selecting candidate by conducting elimination round that will be held at Café Canossiano (7:30pm) on the following dates: October 2, 9, & 17, 2021.


  • Each contestant must be at least 13 YEARS OF AGE at the time of the competition (there is no age limit for this singing competition)

  • Participants must have a good vocal range and should be able to demonstrate a good if not superior vocal quality

  • Participants must have a commanding and unique presence on stage

  • Must be of good moral character and must possess evidence of his or her spiritual motivation demonstrated with sincerity and passion


  1. The theme and lyrics of the songs to be interpreted by all singers must be in line with the Christian values.

  2. Songs must possess the degree of difficulty needed to be in a competition stage.

  3. All entries must be memorized and performed with the utmost degree of preparations.

  4. Contestants may select songs in any language. Bilingual entries are permitted.

  5. Time limit is four (4) minutes for vocal solos. There will be a time keeper during competition.

  6. Contestants must provide their own accompaniment track.

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