The flight of San Pablo Apostol's Wonderful Voices | The Voice of SRG

Last November 13, 2021, Saturday, San Pablo Apostol Parish held the Finals of The Voice of Spring Rain Global (SRG) in which they chose who will be representing the Parish for the upcoming The Voice of SRG Grand Champion to be held in Singapore on 2022.

The contest aimed to support the vocation of the nuns and priests through the power of the singing voices. Contestants from different vicinities of Tondo joined the contest and were screened through the elimination rounds. From almost 20 contestants, 5 astounding people were to chosen to compete for the final spot.

The finalists, namely: Gerald Hernandez (25), Jamaica Rarugal (14), Joy Bastasa (30), Herschel Kim Ventura (20), and Anna Manuel (23) were the contenders and was assigned to sing a song that represent themselves. At the end of the program, Anna Manuel took the spot to represent the Parish to an international competition.

Despite all the odds, The Voice of SRG became a huge success, thanks to all the organizers, judges, and participants who made everything possible. Once again, congratulations, Ms. Anna Manuel and to all the finalists who gave their hearts in their songs. We are proud of you!

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