San Pablo Apostol Parish Tondo – COVID-19 Protocols

Reminders to our fellow Parishioners!

Below are the safety guidelines that will be observed in every mass held inside our Parish:

  1. San Pablo Apostol Parish is only allowed at 30% seating capacity.

  2. Wearing mask and face shield within the SPA church premises is a MUST.

  3. Get a temperature check and fill-up a form to get a seat number and an envelope (for donations) for contact tracing purposes.

  4. Keep at least 2 meters away from other people. Observe Social Distancing.

  5. Parishioners in the range of 14 years old and below are still now allowed to go inside as well as the adults 65 years old and above.

  6. Always sanitize your hands.

You can still attend a mass while at home. Visit our Parish’s Facebook page for the schedule of the online masses and livestream.

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