San Pablo Apostol launches PAROKYAKAP amidst pandemic

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Despite all odds and difficulties, SPAP unleashed PAROKYAKAP, a program which aspire to help the parishioners who struggle in these trying times, through distributing food packets.

Inspired from the Maginhawa Community Pantry, SPAP adapted its own version of pantry, that will help those who are in need, in a systematic way. Volunteers from Social Services and Development Ministry (SSDM) dispersed stubs to the barangays handled by the Parish, wherein the stubs will serve as their pass to receive their food packets.

Regardless of everyone being in a difficult situation during this pandemic, various organizations, establishments, and individuals have been sharing their blessings to others by donating countless things to PAROKYAKAP, which are utilized and distributed by the volunteers evenly to all the parishioners in-need.

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