Gospel Reflection - 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

"Man has to leave father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one body."

Marriage is a call for oneness of two person. You were born in different family backgrounds; you grew up in different life situations; you may have different temperaments, behavioral patterns, or different opinions over many things. Still, you can be together and grow into a reality, accepting each other with all the differences. As a writer says, 'the strings of a lute are different, but they quiver with the same music; the pillars of the temple stand apart, but they together hold the temple'. You have to start finding out, one by one, what you appreciate in the other rather than what your dislike in them. Then you grow into oneness and enjoy the married life.

Marriage is not just a contract. It is a sacrament; a covenant with God. Your spouse is not just your choice. He or she is a gift of God. A revelation of God's love for you, for your growth into the fullness of life. Saying YES is not just showing your love to your husband or wife in front of the altar, but it is a love of God to the person who say yes to experience. We can only understand love by letting the person experience that Love. What is the meaning of the words, 'I love you' if we don't put it into actions? God is Love and Love is God. We can not define God so to with Love, but we can share that Love.

At the same time, the with humility of Love, led there be spaces in the togetherness of that Love. The prophets says:

"Let the winds of the heaven dance between you; love one another, but make not a bond of love. No one should become a slave of the other. No one should grow in the shadow of the other. No one should become the master of the other. There is only one master. There should be freedom of love, not bondage of love. We cannot posses love or buy love. We can give love, and only by giving love, can we experience the Joy of Love".

Let us continue to learn from God, our true master of Love!

- Fr. Allan

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