Fishing bonding takes place, promoting solidarity

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

On Saturday, June 12, 2021, a fishing bonding was held in the man-made pond of the Parish whereas people were introduced to one of the sustainability projects of San Pablo Apostol.

With the parish’s aim to reduce pollution and promote recycling, aquaponics was practiced as a way to raise aquatic animals and with hydroponics, whereby the nutrients from the rich water is being fed to the plants, where it cleans the water, being returned to the fishes. Aside from introducing aquaponics to the parishioners, they were also given the chance to harvest the fishes being raised. Not only knowledge was gained, but also the chance to solidify the relationships between the volunteers, the leaders, and the priests.

The launching of the fishing bonding is only one of the milestones being steadily reach by the parish to withstand not only the financial matters, but also the advertisement of fresh and organic products being raised inside the parish.

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